Jersey Shore Quotes: 10 Best Lines From Season 3 Premiere!!!


Oh those guidos and guidettes from the Jersey Shore, they’re so wacky, weird and occasionally witty. They are such a guilty pleasure for so many TV viewers. Some tune in to see their wild ways, their spray on tans or The Situations’ abs, others may just may tune in to hear them talk. They possess a language that is unique to their region, their world, their demographic. And it’s one that many of us are unfamiliar with. It’s like watching something on Animal Planet or National Geographic with their exotic languages and unusual mating rituals. Check out some of the best quotes from the Season 3 premiere of the Jersey Shore.

Denna: “We’ll hang out all the time, go guy shopping.

Snooki: “He’s adorable, you’ll probably have sex with him.”

Situation: “It smells like The Situation.”

Situation on what holiday Deena would be: “She’d definitely be Thankgiving since she is very giving and seems like she’s ready for lots of stuffing.”

Deena: “Where’s my blast in a glass hat?”

Situation: “Does the situation really wanna get situated right now”

Denna: “When Mike saw my ‘nana’…it took a day for him to see my goods!?!”

Sammi: “Deena kinda reminded me of a dirty chihuahua”

Snookie: “I will attack you like a squirrel monkey”

Ronnie: “You’re a loser from Poughkeepsie”