Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3: Proof I Wouldn't Let My Kids Watch


The dramatic, drunken ways of the Jersey Shore ‘kids’.  Who is slapping who, who is kissing who, fists flying, body parts showing.

Would I let my tweens or teens watch, especially last night’s episode? No way!

The main theme in season 2 episode 3 is simple:  excessive drinking makes you do crazy things.

Last week, we left off with a drunken Angelina ruining Pauly D.’s fun down in Miami. Episode 3 picked up right where we left off–with her slapping him in the face.  The whole house ganged up on the messed up girl, and with good reason.  Alcohol and this girl do not mix.  She completely blocked out what had happened.

Snooki empathized with the outcast and gave Angelina some shockingly good advice to come clean with everyone.  Angelina listened and earned everyone’s respect finally, cleaning the slate.

Meanwhile, a drunken (again) Ronnie went out of control at the club and called Sammi a bitch for trying to ruin his fun.  Guess he thought that meant he was off the hook so Ronnie started messing around with a bunch of girls that night.  But when he got home he climbed into Sammi’s bed and all was well again.  He even told her she was his ‘girlfriend’.  But he did it again went partying with “MVP”, drank too much, and groped and danced with a bunch of girls again.  Then at home, he again climbed into gullible Sammi’s bed asking, “Can I smoosh you, please?”

The rest of the crew see what’s happening and debate whether they should tell Sammi.  Looks like next week Snooki and JWOWW are going to type up an anonymous note and send it to Sammi.  That should cause some heavy duty crying, fingers pointing and more fists flying.  Or drive them to drink.

Photo: MTV