Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 5: The Letter and the Hippo


Never a dull moment on MTV’s “Jersey Shore”.  But last night’s episode was just horrible! 

First off, Mike the Situation was busy sneaking other girls into the house and calling one of them a hippopotamus. 

Yeah, you heard right. 

Mike, what would you mother say if she heard you call a girl a hippo?  Disgraziato!

Then, after the girls have been separated into two separate bedrooms, MVP (Mike, Vinny and Pauly) have a sit-down.

“We have to pick three for each one of us, and the grenade is just going to sleep, or something like that,” says Vinny. Mike bravely offers to go into one of the rooms, “extract the hot one, and leave the grenade to blow up in Ronnie’s room by herself.”  Mike escapes with his prize, “Christine, or Kristen, or whatever her name was.”

Oh.  My. Goodness. Mama would not be proud.  Where’s the respect boys?

Then, the hideous lies that the girls told Sammi!   Snooki and JWoww typed an anonymous letter to Sammi detailing all of Ronnie’s flirting and cheating drunken ways.

But neither one fessed up to typing the letter!  Who wrote the letter?  “Wasn’t me.”  They innocently lied right to poor Sammi’s face.  Guess no one in the Jersey Shore house wants to be a rat.

Sammi believed the note and told Ronnie that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  So much for a spin-off there!

But then, Sammi gets pissed when he calls another girl. “I hope you’re happy ‘cause you’re dumb. You’re stupid, you’re dumb,” she says.

Who’s the dumb one here?  Is the love-fest that is Sammi and Ronnie truly over?