Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 9: All in the Family

Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore Cast

Angelina, Angelina.  Your parents would disapprove.

On Thursday’s Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 9 All in the Family on MTV, Angelina is dating her boyfriend Jose who has wined and dined her for weeks, treating her like a true girlfriend.  What does she do?  She hooks up with Vinny, Snooki’s “sloppy seconds”.

What is wrong with her?  The disrespect, not only to her boyfriend but to herself!

Angelina shrugs the next day. “You do stupid things when you’re drunk.”   And she finds the whole thing quite humorous… I think her mother would say, disgraziata!

“Angelina is the Staten Island ferry,” The Situation says. “Everyone gets to ride and it’s free.”

Then Uncle Nino, Vinny’s comes for a visit – Uncle Nino, the OG!  Original Guido!  Vinny’s mother also comes in, reading to cook up a storm for Sunday dinner. 

Ah yes, the three-course meal as my Italian husband’s family are used to; start off with the pasta, then the meat and other Italian fare comes second.  It was a funny sequence of the gang eating, taking a break, eating some more and more eating. 

The crew goes out to party, as usual. Pauly and Vinny both meet the girls of their dreams.  In a night club guys? How do you know right away?  Anyway, they’re excited about their prospects, so much so that they don’t even invite them back to their place that night.  Heck no, these girls are the ones you take home to your mamas!

The next day, the boys are excited, comparing the girls to their mothers again saying that they would treat these girls like their mothers, with respect.  These are the kind of girls who deserve to be wined and dined, given flowers, take out for dinner. Aww, isn’t that sweet?   But the others were just play-things?

The two decide to take them out to dinner on a double date.  Vinny calls his date Ramona, who completely disses him.  He is heartbroken.  Dude, you just met the girl!  He then calls her back, pleading for her to come out with him.  “Please please please,” he begs.  But she stands him up.  He is devastated.

Meanwhile Pauly is doing well on his date, taking her to a nice restaurant and treating her well.  Wow is Pauly showing signs that he may be ready to settle down?

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