Jersey Shore Season 3: Jersey Shore Premiere Are You Ready For More Fist Pumping?

jersey shore season 3
Jersey Shore Season 3

Get crazy, get wild!  Are you ready for some more GTL?

Well wait no more! Love ’em or hate ’em,  Jersey Shore season 3 premieres tonight at 10pm ET on MTV.   *Fist Pump!*

We just can’t live without the train wreck…especially when the cast in comfy back home in their town of Seaside, New Jersey. 

With cameras rolling for 55 days for the third round (compared with the first season’s 40), show producer and co-creator SallyAnn Salsano assured us after the end of Season 2 in Miami that there is plenty of fist-throwing and hook-ups to come.

What should we expect?  Well, Angelina will NOT be returning.  Snooki’s friend Ryder will visit again, and Snooki’s friend Deena Nicole Cortese will be more of a regular cast member on the show.

“She’s a good time. It was hard for her to come in because there was a pre-existing relationship between everyone. There was literally no shortage of drama,” Salsano said.

So the guilty pleasure continues… so put the kids to bed and snuggle up for some Jersey drama and more hook-ups!

“I would say they still have the same ratio of hook-ups to getting shot down. Some would say it might be harder because people are on to their shenanigans,” Salsano said.

Guilty pleasure indeed!