Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10: Sammi is Back and Snooki is in Love???

Jersey Shore season 3 episode 10, jersey shore
Jersey Shore

Were do I begin with Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore?

First off, Sammi is back from her retreat and ready to face Ronnie.  Ronnie looked like he got hit in the face when he looked over to see Sammi walk in.  They seemed to handle it alright, until they all went to the club and Ronnie started following Sammi around like a lost puppy.  He finally got the picture that he wasn’t going to get back in with Sammi right away – “he needs to suffer” – so he backed off.

Snooki is developing really strong feelings for Vinny, probably the most normal guy in the house anyway.  But she is drunk and devastated with Vinny brings home a girl who says to him, “I want to have ten of your babies.”   I mean really?

Snooki spent the night bawling her eyes out – over Vinny people!!!  She doesn’t want Vinny bringing home any girls… meanwhile, Snooki forgets that she brought home a guy a few nights before!

When she sobered up, Snooks apologized for her drunken behavior toward Vinny.

Will the two finally admit that they love each other and hook up?  For realz???

Funniest moments of the episode – the entire toilet scenario was both disgusting and hilariously stupid.

Also, when the girls pulled a prank on Mike the Situation to get him back, by spreading grated cheese inside his bed sheets… and then when he brought a girl home, he thought the smell was coming from her!  Best prank of the season so far!  Take that Sitch!  Watch a clip here:

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