Jersey Shore Season 4: Can Italy Handle Jersey Shore?

jersey shore season 4
Jersey Shore Season 4: Can Italy Handle the Cast?

Jersey Shore Season 3 wrapped up last night, and if you missed the final episode, I can sum it up for you in about three sentences. Ronnie and Sam had a huge fight. Deanna and Pauly and Vinny had a huge fight. And nobody in the house got to “smush” Deanna’s best friend. Other than that, you really didn’t miss much.

Fans of the MTV show can’t wait for Jersey Shore Season 4, when the cast heads to Italy to look for guido juiceheads and hopefully avoid any European grenades. Is Italy ready for this crowd? Can Italy handle Jersey Shore?

You seriously can’t get two more different venues than Italy and Seaside Heights, NJ. My guess is that the Jersey Shore Season 4 cast will not exactly be well received by Italians. Do they even have tanning salons in Italy?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch Jersey Shore Season 4. GTL baby!