Jersey Shore Season 4: Snooki Absent From Jersey Shore Italy?

jersey shore season 4 jersey shore italy
Snooki Absent From Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy?

Look out Europe! It was announced today that Jersey Shore Season 4 will be heading overseas to Italy! Let’s hope that the guys can learn how to call cabs in Italian, and let’s hope that there are plenty of “Guido Juiceheads” to go around for the ladies in the bunch.

Jersey Shore Season 4 is sure to be the best season yet, but will Snooki, also known by her real name of Nicole Polizzi, be absent from Jersey Shore Italy?

The executives at Jersey Shore are trying to get visas for the entire cast, but is it possible that Snooki’s arrest record will prevent her from entering the country?

Honestly, can you even have a season of Jersey Shore without Snooki?

It may be a guilty pleasure, but I’m pretty psyched for Jersey Shore Season 4. Can I get a fist pump for Jersey Shore Italy?

Photo: PRPhotos