Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 9: Dress Your Kid In A Jersey Shore Halloween Costume. No Kidding!

jersey shore
Jersey Shore Halloween costume: Would you get it for your kids?

You just finished watching “Jersey Shore” season 2 episode 9 and you’re thinking, “Man, I would love if my daughter could dress like Snooki for Halloween.” Just kidding you would never think that because, well, look at what Snooki wears. But because we live in a very strange world, there are now “Jersey Shore” costumes coming to a pop-up Halloween store near you, and they are scarier than any monster or zombie costume on the market.

You can buy a Snooki wig or down-to-there little black (lycra) dress for your daughter or, my personal favorite, a muscle shirt that reveals “The Situation’s” fabulous “abs.” (Kind of like the puffy abs on a Spiderman or Batman costume.)

Now these costumes are intended for teens and adults, but if you have a tween who knows about “Jersey Shore,” then you know what you’ll be arguing over the next few weeks. Or you could buy it yourself to take your kids trick or treating, guaranteeing other parents will scream in horror when they open the door.


Photo: Costume Super Center