Jesse Csincsak and Pregnant Ann Lueders Meat-Filled Wedding Menu


Former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak and his lady love, Ann Lueders not only just got engaged, but they are also expecting a baby boy! Ann is four months pregnant, and just like any typical engaged pregnant gal, the first thing on her mind as far as planning her wedding goes is the food!

Jesse and Ann are planning a barbecue themed menu for their rehearsal dinner, which will be held at the Rumor Hotel in Las Vegas. They wanted to keep things casual for their guests, and they will be served various barbecue meats to include ribs, jerk chicken, bratwursts, and Italian sausages. Sounds like Jesse and Ann definitely aren’t vegetarians!

For those who prefer to stay away from meat at their bash, they will have plenty of yummy side options to choose from such as Peruvian purple potato salad, corn on the cob, strawberry and Gorgonzola salad, and a pasta salad dish as well.

Guests with a sweet tooth will be thrilled to know that there will also be a Twinkie-shortcake dessert!

Even though it sounds like Ann has chowing down on the brain, she says that she isn’t showing much, and hopes that her dress will still fit since she hasn’t gained too much weight.

Just you wait, honey.  Right around the four month mark was when I started blowing up like a balloon when I was pregnant.  My advice would be to have a seamstress ready to let that dress out if you indulge in one too many Twinkies at the rehearsal dinner the night before.