Jesse James and Kat Von D Heat Things Up In Texas


Though they initially denied being an item, it definitely looks like there is a romance brewing between Jesse James and Kat Von D. The two were spotted out and about in the Austin, Texas area over the weekend, and witnesses saw them getting pretty cozy.

They apparently toured the Admiral Nimitz Museum together on their afternoon outing, and were seen “holding hands and chatting while walking down the main street sidewalk in Fredericksburg, Texas.” Something is definitely going on between these two. They even rode into the small town on a motorcycle together.

Onlookers report that Jesse and Kat looked like any normal couple enjoying the day together, and that they were dressed casually, with Jesse wearing a T-shirt and Kat sporting black leggings and a black top.

Kat tried to disguise herself and donned more black attire, this time a hoodie, on her American Airlines flight from LA on Friday night, but everyone still knew it was her.  One witness said, “she’s hard to miss.”

After spending a quiet weekend together, Kat flew first class back to LA on Monday morning.

If Jesse and Kat are dating, they aren’t doing a very good job of hiding it!

Photo: PRPhotos