Jesse James Appears in Court—and on Nightline


jesse james nightlineJesse James is coming out of seclusion to speak in two very different venues. First, he’s set to appear in court today on charges that he “screwed over a clothing company,” according to With the trial set to begin, he’s asked the judge to lay out some ground rules. This includes a list of topics he wants excluded from the courtroom. And the list, which spans the gamut when it comes to his life with Sandra Bullock, is extremely revealing.

According to the website, James would like the Judge to declare the following topics off limits: his sex life, allegations that he’s a Nazi,  phrases including “the most hated man in America” or a “monster … skin head … racist … homophobe … prostitute … cheating … cheater.” Also off limits? The following Sandra Bullock-related topics: Any mention of Sandra, her movies, pictures of her, baby Louis’s adoption, or references to “moral turpitude.”

Jesse claims these subjects have nothing to do with the lawsuit, and we’d have to agree.

But he will be talking about his marriage, Sandra Bullock, his role in Louis’s life, and the fallout from the famed Jesse James cheating scandal, on Nightline. His apparently revealing interview with Vicky Mabrey airs May 25 at 11:35 PM. Yup, Jesse James on Nightline: it’s as highbrow as it sounds. It’s also his first interview since the cheating scandal broke, and I, for one, will be watching.

PHOTO: ABC/Patrick Wymore