Jesse James' Celeb Dad Style: Grungy Biker


jesse james
Jesse James shows off his celeb dad style!

Jesse James will always be known as the man who cheated on Sandra Bullock, but seeing as though he is a celebrity father, we saw it to be a fitting opportunity to take a look as his celeb dad style!

James has always known how to clean it up for the red carpet, often donning a crisp tux and slicked back hair. But for his everyday routine, James often wears biker jeans and a tight black t-shirt which exposes his many tattoos.

And the one accessory I can’t excuse for him is his tacky see-through sunglasses. Sometimes I wish men had better direction in choosing sunglasses. Too often than not, men end up wearing mirrored Oakleys which, in my opinion, make you look like a major tool!

Congratulations, Jesse. You get the tool award in more ways than one.

What do you think of Jesse James’ style?

[Photo via PR Photos.]