Jesse James' Dad Responds To Abuse Allegations: I Would Rather Die Than Hurt Jesse


Wow. Just wow.

The big story surrounding Jesse James’ interview with Nightline last night was that he blamed all of his mistakes on the fact that he was abused as a child with things going so far as his father breaking his arm. It was quite the bombshell (nod to his mistress not intended). I don’t think it made anyone forgive him, but it made him a far more sympathetic character and you could at least see why he might have had some issues.

But now, Jesse’s father is stepping out on camera saying that the allegations are false. After watching his video, he is far more convincing than his son. “None of it is true,” Jesse’s dad Larry tells “My kids were my whole life. I would never ever hurt any one of them. I would have died before I would have hurt them.”

Larry never even remembers spanking his kids. Instead he say Jesse was the “apple of his eye.” He states: “I can’t remember anything about his childhood that was tragic except for when my mom died in 1981, he was very close to his nana, he was eleven years old then. He was the first one there to comfort me, he had never seen his dad cry before.”

If it turns out that Jesse lied about this, then he’ll go from being the most hated man in the world to whatever level of hate comes far, far, far after that. He may as well just buy an island and go live there by himself because there is no way he can weasel out of a fib this big.

But why would he lie?

Larry has an idea. “I think he made these allegations because he’s told so many lies for so many years about his childhood,” in order to build up the tough guy Chopper persona. “I could never hurt my son for all the tea in China…I would never let anybody hurt my kids.”

Who do you think is telling the truth? I highly suggest checking out the video which can be seen here.