Jesse James Ex — Jealous of Sunnys Love of Sandra Bullock


Oh you knew the custody battle for Sunny was gonna get ugly. Jesse James and his ex wife –  the porn star Janine Lindemulder – are currently in a legal battle to see who will get to raise their six-year-old daughter Sunny. New documents were filed this week that included emails from Lindemulder to James’ sister and her jealously of the A-list actress was apparent with statements like… “All Sunny talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!”

Also in the emails – that USWeekly got their hands on – are allusions to drug use and prostitution by Sunny’s mom. She supposed asked James’ sister for painkillers and also spent the night with a man for $25,000, an act that James’ sister warned, “This is a form of prostitution.”

Lindemulder recently got out of jail and has had a history of drug use and with the alleged prostitution, no wonder Sunny prefers Sandra Bullock. I think anyone would.

Do you think Lindemulder has a chance to get custody of Sunny? Or will it be awarded to James?

Photo: Bauer Grffin