Jesse James' Ex Splits With Husband To Pursue Custody of Sunny


Janine Lindumulder, ex-wife of Sandra Bullock’s estranged husband Jesse James and a former adult film star, has separated from her current husband, Jeremy Aikman, of a year because it may improve her chances of obtaining joint custody of her daughter with James, six-year-old Sunny. One must question one’s character when one knows they were left for the sole reason that a judge would not look favorably upon his ability to parent. Well, now we know at least one thing Jesse James had in common with his ex: a love of tattoos.

A source said:

“Janine and Jeremy have split. They decided to put Sunny first and the timing just isn’t right for them to be together right now….Janine had a fantastic time with Sunny the other day and it was as if nothing had changed between the mom and daughter although they had not seen each other for four months.

“Jeremy cannot live outside California for his own legal reasons, so, it would not be possible for him to leave the state if that is what the courts permit Jesse James [who is considering a move to Austin] to do.

“Janine was delighted at how well Sunny was doing during their supervised visit and she is appreciative to both Jesse and Sandra Bullock for looking after her daughter while she was in prison.”



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