Jesse James' Ex-Wife Responds To Her Daughter Sunny Staying With Sandra Bullock


Jesse James’ kids have been staying with Sandra Bullock as he gets treatment in sex rehab for his cheating ways. This includes Sunny James, 5, whose mother is porn star Janine Lindemulder.

Janine is currently staying in a federal half-way facility in Oregon for tax evasion. She had previously been in a custody battle with Jesse and Sandra for Sunny over claims that she exposed her to “unsavory characters.”

You would think would lead to some serious feelings of ill will, so how does Janine  feel about her daughter staying with the Oscar winner? According to her new husband, whom she met in a half-way house after spending five years in jail for firearms possession (please see above for unsavory characters), that  “She is worried and wishes there was a better line of communication going on right now. Sunny has a special cell phone which has been set aside for her to take calls from her mom but she has not answered them recently.

She is only a little girl, so, maybe she hasn’t got the phone just now. Janine does not have a problem if Sandra is looking after her daughter because she thinks that she is a good step-mom.”

Finally, someone else in this situation besides Sandra showing class.  Thank goodness! 

Prior to Jesse going into rehab, Janine was in constant contact with Sunny. “At the moment because of her situation she cannot do much but like every mom she worries about her child. All she wants to know is that her daughter is safe, happy and doing well, it is a difficult situation for everybody right now.”

Despite all the problems surrounding her and her family, it’s nice to know that those in Sunny’s life care about her and are concerned for her best interest.  A silver lining if there ever was one.