Jesse James House For Sale. Is He Moving To Be Closer To Sandra?


It’s been two months since Sandra packed her bags and moved out of the home she shared with Jesse James in Orange County. Perhaps also wanting to get a fresh start and erase some old memories now that he has finished sex rehab and become America’s Most Hated Person (sorry Tiger Woods, you lose for lack of Nazi stuff), Jesse is also packing his bags and has put the house up for sale.

It’s not really shocking that Jesse is selling the $3.6 million two-story beach front property, but what is an eye-popping piece of info is where he wants to relocate. Are you ready for this?

He’s put down an offer in Austin where Sandra also owns a home.

In fact, they were both in town on May 14. Seen separately, Jesse was visiting Austin Speed Shop, his custom—car outfit, with his daughter Chandler while Bullock went shopping with baby Louis. Can you imagine if they ran into each other on the street? Awkward!

It’s obvious Jesse has hope of rekindling his romance with Sandra and he no doubt wants to keep her a part of his three children’s life. “His mind-set is the same as [just after the split], and Jesse feels that as time goes by, his and Sandra’s relationship has still not reached the final chapter,” a source tells People. “He is not giving up hope that Sandra will come back to her family.”  

Sandra has said what a wonderful father Jesse is and how she wants Louis to experience the same so it isn’t too over-the-top crazy to think that some time in the distant future these two may decide to reconnect at least for the kids sake.


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