Jesse James: Increased Contact With Her Mother Negatively Impacting Sunny


I would imagine a nasty custody battle would affect any six-year-old, and Sunny James is no exception. Father Jesse James told a court that Sunny “acts out, she’s more agitated, she has sleeping problems” since her mother, former adult film star Janine Lindemulder, was released from a halfway house following a prison term for tax evasion. “The more contact she has with her mom, the more fear she has to sleep in her own room,” James testified.  This comes as James is planning a move to Austin at the end of this month, which he believes is in Sunny’s best interest — and Lindemulder doesn’t.  James made the argument of why the move will benefit Sunny, including an on-going relationship with her beloved step-mother Sandra Bullock.

“She’s thriving, doing well in school, she has an amazing relationship with her brother and sister and Sandy,” James said. “We’re getting to a point where we can live in peace. [Moving to Texas] will only make things better.”

And James seems to imply that Lindemulder, who claims to have been sober for several years, is destined for a relapse. “I think she has yet to hit rock bottom and I fear [when she does] it will involve Sunny.”

James recently bought an eight-acre, five-bedroom home “in a very private estate in Texas hill country,” about 17 miles from the home of Bullock.