Jesse James Sells His Stuff on eBay. Is He Going Bankrupt?


Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex-husband Jesse James has apparently put up a whole bunch of his stuff on eBay, including a couple of vintage bicycles and a whole mess of random collectibles, like a set of Indian Chief aluminum cans and an old bathroom sign.

Uh, sure. I’ll take one of those aluminum cans and put it up on my mantle right next to my Tiger Woods bobble head, my Jude Law action figure and my framed portrait of Elliot Spitzer.

Is this guy for real?
In all seriousness, a person usually only goes to the trouble of selling things online because they could kind of use the money. Is he running out of money? Between serving as CEO of West Coast Choppers and having a host of other business ventures, he should be fine. Then again, all that rehab must have cost a pretty penny, he’s got a divorce coming up, 3 kids to support and just a wee bit of bad press to get over. So maybe he is short on cash.

Well, if you feel like helping the guy out, head on over to eBay. Not so much? Yeah. Me neither.

Edited for grammar 5/24 9:04 PM