Jesse James' Sister Backs His Abuse Story


It’s becoming a he-said / he-said / she-said regarding the claims Jesse James made on Nightline that he believes his pattern of infidelity during his marriage to Sandra Bullock is connected to childhood abuse at the hands of his father.  Jesse says it happened. His father said it didn’t happen. And now Jesse’s sister sides with Jesse, claiming Jesse speaks the truth.

Says the sister: Their father was “very abusive to my mom and us when we were growing up.”  Much has been made of the broken arm incident, where all parties seem to agree that the father forced seven-year-old Jesse to retrieve a ball from a neighbor’s yard by jumping over a fence.  The sister claims the dad was screaming the entire time, causing Jesse to fall and break his arm.  I’m not sure that counts as physical abuse… Regardless, perhaps there are other incidents that do without a doubt classify as abuse.

HOWEVER, I think it’s a bunch of psychobabble bunk (maybe that Jesse learned in “sex rehab”) that this caused him to cheat on Bullock. Does he have issues from his childhood he may need to work through? Maybe. But to blame his behavior on his childhood seems absurd to me. Strangely, I actually had more sympathy for him before he dropped this alleged bombshell.


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