Jesse James Takes The Kids To School


Jesse James and his daughters was spotted walking his three kids — Chandler, 14 Jesse Jr, 10, and Sunny, 6  — to school this morning, in Huntington Beach, CA — conspicuously absent is wife Sandra Bullock. Though all looks peachy keen with the Monster Garage star and his brood, the photos do nothing to silence the rumors that he and wife Sandra Bullock are on the outs in a big way.

Only a week after winning the Oscar for Best Actress, the feel-good speculation that Sandra and Jesse James might be laying the groundwork for a Bullock baby melted away and left something more sinister — the Oscar curse. At the same time news of 2008’s Best Actress announced that she and hubby Sam Mendes were parting ways, news surfaced that Sandra and Jesse James were on the rocks.

Curse or no curse, it’d be a real shame if Sandra and Jesse split up… not simply because it sad news for the couple, but because it appears that Sandra has grown really close with Jesse’s daughters. Especially for Sunny, who’s biological mother, Janine Lindemulder, is currently serving a prison term.


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