Jesse James Tells Sandra Bullock He And Kat Von D Are Just Friends


It may seem pretty obvious that Kat Von D and Jesse James are somewhat of an item, considering the fact that they were spotted getting pretty cozy together in Las Vegas.  And the fact that Kat tweeted that she and Jesse were dating…and then deleted it sort of gave the couple away too. It’s almost like she knows she has something to hide.

Apparently Jesse James doesn’t want his ex, Sandra Bullock, getting too upset about his relationship with Kat, because he’s assured her that they are “just friends.”  According to a source, Jesse personally called Sandra to tell her that things between he and Kat were strictly platonic…and that there are no other leading ladies in his life either.

But considering the fact that Jesse wasn’t exactly a perfect husband, do you think that Sandra should believe what he says, especially when the evidence speaks to the contrary?

Sandra reacted to the rumors of Kat Von D and Jesse James hooking up by saying that she is focused on her son right now and isn’t concerned with who her ex-husband dates.

Hmm…sounds like Jesse could learn a thing or two from her.  Shouldn’t he be spending time with his kids instead of running around Vegas with Kat Von D?

Photo: PRPhotos