Jesse James Won't Cry Over Baby Louis Anymore


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Jesse James Says He Won't Cry Over Baby Louis Anymore.

Jesse James is currently promoting his memoir, American Outlaw, and sucking the life out of what is left of his fifteen minutes. The man, who will always be known as the idiot who cheated on Sandra Bullock, has forgiven himself and is adamant about directing all of his attention his three children ChandlerJesse Jr., and Sunny.

James was in the process of adopting baby Louis with Bullock before all the drama surfaced. But Bullock later removed Jesse’s name from the adoption papers.

“I could only cry so much about [Louis] until I have to suck it up and keep a stiff upper lip and realize, Hey, [there are] three kids that I do have,” he says in a Nightline interview airing tonight (May 4). “I need to take care of them and not worry about the one that I don’t, you know, and I think that’s the lesson,” he says, adding, “I’ve never seen Louis since everything [happened].”

I’m not sure how I feel about Bullock removing James from the adoption papers despite his cheating scandal. It depends how far in the process they were. But it’s almost like being pregnant and saying “Oh, you no longer have anything to do with this child.” Parents divorce, not children.

What do you think? Is Jesse entitled to be Louis‘ father?

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