Jessica Alba Back in Skinny Jeans Two Months Post-Baby! (Photos)

jessica alba
Jessica Alba wearing her skinny jeans.

Plenty of celebrity moms are known for getting their pre-baby bodies back soon after giving birth, and Jessica Alba is no exception! Jessica just welcomed her second daughter, Haven Garner Warren a little over two months ago, and she is already back in her skinny jeans!

Jessica definitely bounced back quickly post-pregnancy, but in the time since she delivered Haven, she’s been spotted doing regular workouts at the gym. The weight did not just “magically fall off” of Jessica like it does for so many famous moms.

Jessica worked hard for her impressive results, and she deserves the fact that her jeans fit again!

Here are a few more photos of Jessica’s amazing post-baby shape.


  • Looking Good! 1 of 5
    Looking Good!
    Jessica sure bounced back quickly!
  • Skinny Jeans 2 of 5
    Skinny Jeans
    Those jeans sure are tiny!
  • Happy Mama 3 of 5
    Happy Mama
    Jessica is glowing!
  • Natural Beauty 4 of 5
    Natural Beauty
    Jessica really doesn't have to try hard to look good.
  • Her Hard Work Paid Off! 5 of 5
    Her Hard Work Paid Off!
    Regular workouts helped Jessica get her body back.


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