Jessica Alba Does Not Stop Working! How Does She Do It All? (Photos)


Jessica Alba is a working mom non stop. I have seen her launching her book in New York and Los Angeles traveling to Paris and back all looking flawless! I don’t know how she does it!

With big smiles as she crossed the parking lot holding with a cool beverage, chatting on the cell phone  as well as a very large white tote, it was a great day at work!

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    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba arrives at her office in Los Angeles.
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    Jessica Alba is considered a A-list actress right?
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    Even the rich and famous sometimes find happiness in the un-expected choices.
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    Jessica launched her own eco-friendly lifestyle company, The Honest Company, which gave her a new confidence in her career.
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    Jessica describes her transformation to Latina magazine, 'Honest Company has weirdly allowed me to be more creative in my roles, and really work with people I love and appreciate and want to learn from,' Jessica revealed. 'This is where my work is now.'

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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