Jessica Alba Does Some Christmas Toy Shopping at Target! (Photos)


Wait…you mean Santa doesn’t bring all those gifts after all?

As we all know, sometimes the Big Red Guy needs a little help, and that’s where Mom and Dad come in. Jessica Alba did her part today at Target, where she carefully checked out the toy aisles.

She was spotted looking at Disney Princess dolls, and we’re guessing that she had daughters Honor and Haven in mind for those.

The ever-gorgeous actress emerged with her shopping cart satisfyingly full – and with a tall cup of coffee, no doubt her reward to herself for getting her last-minute shopping out of the way.

Take a look at our photos. What do you think she bought for her girls?

  • A closer look 1 of 6
    A closer look
    When you're fulfilling children's Christmas wishes, you have to be sure you get just the right items.
  • Something for her little princesses? 2 of 6
    Something for her little princesses?
    The mom of two daughters checks out the toy section. Is that an Aurora doll we see in her hands?
  • Fun tote in aisle 3 3 of 6
    Fun tote in aisle 3
    Jessica's electric-green bag adds a dash of color to her outfit.
  • All full up 4 of 6
    All full up
    Jessica's cart runneth over with heaps of holiday goodies.
  • Coffee break! 5 of 6
    Coffee break!
    After a successful trip, Jessica treats herself to a reviving drink. (Well, wouldn't you?)
  • Loading up 6 of 6
    Loading up
    Jessica's van has enough space in the back for all her treasures.

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