Jessica Alba Goes THERE -- Talks Intimacy During Pregnancy with Dr Sue

jessica alba
Jessica Alba Talks Intimacy During Pregnancy

Jessica Alba didn’t get the memo that some conversations should be saved for your doctor’s office!  The pregnant star took full advantage of her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to bring up a touchy subject with fellow guest Dr. Sue Johanson.

In a moment of pure bravada the expectant Alba broached the subject of intimacy during the later stages of pregnancy.  While Dr. Sue handled the question with her own straightforward style (and descriptive hand gestures), it was just one of those quimish moments that could have been saved for a private moment.

Just in case you were wondering.  Pregnancy and intimacy are a-okay with Dr. Sue.   “That baby is in there and that baby ain’t going nowhere until it’s ready,” Dr. Sue says .   She then went on to give a description of what would happen if you choose to get intimate during pregnancy full of animated hand gestures.  It all made a wee bit of an awkward moment for all involved.  Of course if you have any questions on the subject yourself you may want to talk with your doctor at your next appointment!

You can see the entire video here.

Photos: Pacific Coast News