Jessica Alba Has A Reason To Frown


I’m surprised Jessica Alba is such a smiley girl lately. Except of course for this picture. She looks grumpy here. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t been able to live in her own house for a while.

Why, you may ask?

It seems that Jessica and Cash wanted to get a little work done on their kitchen and have ended up having to tear apart walls in the bathrooms and bedrooms.
Don’t you hate it when stuff like that happens? You try to fix one little thing and everything else breaks.

She said: “We moved into a house close-by because we’re renovating our kitchen. But for some ungodly reason, when you do one thing to a house, then everything else just falls apart.”

“The guy (building contractor) was like six weeks, so we said, fine, six weeks without a kitchen, we’ll stay somewhere else. Then he was like, three months, and we were like, OK.”

“Then the ceiling in our dining room starts to sag because there’s water damage from the previous owners. Now there’s water damage in three of our bathrooms, our ceilings are all ripped up… Now it’s six months!”

Though it really stinks that they are going through the whole house debacle, but it’s super nice to know that it doesn’t just happen to us non-famous people.


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