Jessica Alba Helps Honor Try On Some Nerd Glasses


jessica-honor-nerdIs Jessica’s little rugrat going to have a geek chic sense of style when she grows up? Jessica posted this pic on her Facebook page on Valentine’s Day with the caption “Best Nerd Glasses! : my lil lovely cute as a button.”

Before you get all up in arms, just realize that we’re not calling Honor’s shades nerdy — her mom is (actually, we think they’re pretty cool).

Whose glasses are those anyway? It looks like Jessica swiped them from Weezer front man Rivers Cumo.

FYI, that wasn’t Honor’s only V-Day appearance on her mother’s Facebook page. Aside from being entered into the “Best Nerd Glasses” competition, Honor was also entered by her mother into the “Cutest Valentine’s Day Photo” contest. I think she might be a gold medal favorite. That shirt is hilarious.

If you think you’ve got a cuter looking V-Day or Nerd Glasses photo, you can enter your own pics for consideration. I have to warn you though, I really doubt you’re going to give Honor much competition in either category. Sorry.



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