Jessica Alba Hits The Gym While Pregnant

jessica alba
Jessica Alba Stays Fit Throughout Her Pregnancy.

While it’s hard to maintain a slim figure, I can imagine it’s ten times as hard while carrying a child inside your tummy. Such is the case for Jessica Alba who is making sure that she stays fit throughout her pregnancy.

On Thursday (April 21), Alba managed to squeeze a gym session into her daily grind before meeting up with a friend for lunch.

Even though Alba is working out while pregnant, her body isn’t her main priority.

“After the pregnancy, I felt liberated,” she said. “I learned to accept my body and to give less importance to my appearance. Being a mother has taught me how to adapt to any situation.”

What did you do to stay fit while pregnant? Did you even care? Or did you just eat everything and anything in sight?

I know if it were me, I’d be eating twinkies and barrels of ice cream and just call it a day! Pregnancy would be my excuse! Take advantage ladies!

[Photo source PRPhotos.]