Jessica Alba: Just Like Us - Covered in Spilled Juice & Playing in the Park

Jessica Alba Covered in Juice

Jessica Alba‘s face says it all. We’ve all been there. We’re wearing something not juice friendly (like a light beige), our baby spills their drink all over us, and then the paparazzi is there to capture our messy moment. Okay, maybe the first two have happened to us, but the third? Most of us aren’t being photographed while out and about with our kids.

Jessica, she isn’t so lucky, perhaps her sour face in this photo is for the cameras rather than the fact that she got juice all over her. But she recovered quickly enough and spent the rest of time playing with her daughter Haven and Honor.

Check out the adorable photos right here!

  • Jessica Alba and Haven 1 of 6
    Jessica Alba and Haven
    Jessica Alba gives her baby Haven some juice.
  • But Then… 2 of 6
    But Then...
    The spill! Yes, we have all been there.
  • Spinning Cup 3 of 6
    Spinning Cup
    Jessica takes Haven for a spin.
  • Honor 4 of 6
    Honor is having a fine time on her own.
  • Photo Op 5 of 6
    Photo Op
    Jessica takes some photos of a playing Honor.
  • The LIft 6 of 6
    The LIft
    Jessica lifts up daughter Honor on the jungle gym.



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