Jessica Alba on Her Way to Nail Salon: Is It Safe to Get a Manicure While Pregnant?

Jessica alba pregnant
Jessica Alba and her adorable baby bump

Jessica Alba manages to still look incredibly stylish while working a baby bump.

She is due with her second baby this summer and she was headed off today for a little mommy-to-be pampering. Jessica Alba was on her way to a nail salon in Beverly Hills.

Is it safe to get your nails done while you are pregnant?

The current wisdom is that it is safe to have your nails done while pregnant.  At least, having one manicure every few weeks shouldn’t hurt. One thing that you want to be careful about is the smell since pregnant women are more sensitive to that. Make sure the nail salon you visit is well-ventilated because pregnant women are more likely to become nauseated by the smell.

Photo: PCN

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