Jessica Alba Posts Pirates, Honest Previews And Red-Headed Mexicans (Photos)


Jessica Alba is letting out a few little arrrrghhh’s these days. And no, that’s not because she’s a celebrity mom who is always on the run from the paparazzi but instead she’s been connecting with her inner pirate during “Talk Like A Pirate” day last week and having some pirate-themed fun at children’s birthday parties too! The Hollywood actress has posted a few photos on her Instagram account where she can definitely give Captain Hook a good run for his money! LOL.

The mother-of-two has also shared a picture of her daughter Haven where she compares her to boxer Canalo Alvarez. The connection? They’re both red-headed Mexicans. It’s a rarity, from what I’m hearing.

Check out our fun photos in our gallery below.

Photos via Instagram

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