Jessica Alba Says Motherhood Helped Her Better Understand Her Body

Jessica says motherhood helped her better understand her body

There’s no questioning that Jessica Alba is one of the hottest actresses on the big screen (this we know without having to take a poll), but the celebrity mom says it wasn’t until after she had her first baby did she better understand her body.

Jessica, who has a 3-year-old daughter with hubby Cash Warren and is expecting the couple’s second child, admits that she was quite shy when it came to her own bod, and it wasn’t until she became a mother did she realize what female sexuality was all about.

“I was quite shy with it [my sexuality].  It wasn’t something I embraced until I had my daughter.  I saw how incredible and amazing it is to be a woman and to be able to create a life,” she says in an interview with Allure magazine.

“There’s a reason why certain areas of the body are desirable because it all leads to reproduction.  There’s a science behind it all.  It’s not just to sell whatever you’re selling on a billboard or a magazine or a movie,” Jessica adds.

So, if motherhood gives us a better understanding of our own bodies and female sexuality, could that be the reason why Hollywood has so many hot cougars on the loose?