Jessica Alba Shows Off Slim Body in Boot-Cut Jeans (Photos)

jessica alba
Jessica Alba in LA.

Whenever I see photos of Jessica Alba, I can’t help but notice how perfectly put together she looks. Even while she was pregnant, Jessica had such a great sense of mom style.

Jessica stepped out earlier today in Los Angeles wearing a chic scarf, sunglasses, and boot-cut jeans that really showed off her slim post-baby body. It’s so hard to believe that she had her second baby, Haven, just three months ago!

Aside from her cute outfit, Alba also appeared to be sporting a large bandage on her right wrist. I wonder what happened to her? She was at Disneyland with her girls over the holiday weekend, so perhaps she injured herself there?

Here are a few more photos of Jessica’s cute style. Doesn’t she look great?


  • Looking Good! 1 of 6
    Looking Good!
    Doesn't Jessica look put together?
  • Thin Legs! 2 of 6
    Thin Legs!
    Jessica has definitely lost her baby weight.
  • Caffeine Fix! 3 of 6
    Caffeine Fix!
    Celebs love their java too.
  • Skinny as Ever! 4 of 6
    Skinny as Ever!
    You'd never guess that Jessica had a baby in August.
  • Hurt Wrist? 5 of 6
    Hurt Wrist?
    Alba has a big bandage on her wrist. Wonder what happened?
  • Stylish Mama! 6 of 6
    Stylish Mama!
    Jessica's mom style is casual, yet chic.


Alba is known for being a hands-on mom: Celeb Pumpkin Picking!