Jessica Alba Takes a Walk With Her Girls Looking Amazing (But Tired) (Photos)


I can always appreciate when celebrities seem more like us real people instead of their super-human qualities. It makes them far more relatable to me when I can see them needing to take a nap, struggling with the typical parenting things and not always being so picture perfect.

Jessica Alba is always picture perfect, but you can see that mama might be in need of a nap. While out with her girls today for a walk, Jessica can be seen taking a few yawns while enjoying the sun. She of course, looks amazing without needing to try and I love how hands on she is with her girls (rarely seeing her without them), 4-year-old Honor and Haven, who was born in 2011.

Click through to see more pictures of Jessica and her daughters enjoying the sun:

  • Tired Mama 1 of 5
    Tired Mama
    Jessica is just a typical mom - tired and could use a nap!
  • Enjoying the Sun 2 of 5
    Enjoying the Sun
    She's out and about with a friend and her girls enjoying the good weather.
  • Catching Up 3 of 5
    Catching Up
    Jessica takes a moment to peek at her phone and catch up
  • Gorgeous Style 4 of 5
    Gorgeous Style
    I am so in love with her flawless style. She always looks great!
  • Jessica & Haven 5 of 5
    Jessica & Haven
    Hello there gorgeous babe! Haven looks cute as she chews on her finger with an adorable hat on.

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