Jessica Alba Takes Pretty-in-Pink Honor to School (Photos)

Off to class!

Ah, the morning routine! Time to get up, dear…no, you can’t wear that, it’s too cold out…can you eat a little faster, hon?…did you pack your math book?…come on, we’re running late!…here we are…have-a-great-day-love-you-bye!

It’s a ritual performed by the famous and non-famous alike, and as we see here, Jessica Alba is very familiar with it. Photographers captured her yesterday dropping 3-year-old Honor Marie off at school before heading to her office in Santa Monica.

Like many preschoolers, Honor is still going through her pink tutu phase; she’s been spotted wearing this ensemble before. But Jessica either has a let-them-do-their-thing policy when it comes to clothes, or else she just got tired of having the same argument every morning.

Take a look at mom and daughter getting the school day started!

  • Let’s go! 1 of 6
    Let's go!
    Arriving at school, Jessica waits for Honor to get out of her seat.
  • A dash of color 2 of 6
    A dash of color
    While mom Jessica goes monochromatic, Honor prefers to be in the pink, wardrobe-wise.
  • Ready to learn 3 of 6
    Ready to learn
    Hope Honor isn't planning to do any painting today - that white T-shirt could be in danger. (Ditto: drawing with markers.)
  • What, no Barbie car? 4 of 6
    What, no Barbie car?
    Santa gave Honor a snazzy pink Mustang convertible electric kiddie car for Christmas, but today Mom did the driving.
  • Whew! 5 of 6
    Jessica smiles after the successful dropoff.
  • Off to work 6 of 6
    Off to work
    She wastes no time getting back to her car and heading out. Dismissal time always seems to come so quickly...

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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