Jessica Alba Wishes Her Daughter A Happy Mother's Day

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Jessica Alba Wishes Her Daughter A Happy Mother's Day.

It’s a Happy Mother’s Day to Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor Marie. Wait, what? Yes, Alba is wishing her daughter a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

Alba’s 3-year-old daughter is so excited about Alba’s pregnancy that Honor has claimed the new baby as her own!

“She says the baby will be more like her baby because she’ll be the mom and I’ll be the grandma,” Alba said with a laugh. “She gets upset when I’m like, ‘No, I’m the mom.’ She’s like, ‘No! I’m the mom. You’re the grandma!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not even 30 yet!'”

This is absolutely hilarious and incredibly cute. I think Honor is going to be an exceptional big sister.

Have you ever had an older child who took on the baby as their own? Tell us about it!

[Photo via PR Photos.]