Jessica Albas Shopping Trip Plagued With A Parking Ticket (Photos)

Jessica Alba

Actress and celebrity mom Jessica Alba had a rather good day on Friday afternoon after hitting up the Beverly Hills shops for a day of retail therapy until she got back to her car. Unfortunately for the hot Hollywood star, she was plagued with a parking ticket with her car illegal parked in front of a luxury boutique.

Jessica seemed a little bummed out, but I’m sure with all the new clothes she bought, she’ll be back to feeling better quickly. Shopping will do that for you!

Take a look at our gallery below and tell us, when was the last time you had a speeding ticket?

  • Jessica Alba 1 of 5
    Jessica Alba
    Actress Jessica Alba checks out some fabric in West Hollywood before making her way back to her car where the unenthused star had a parking ticket waiting for her on her windshield.
  • Bummer 2 of 5
    Talk about rain on your parade!
  • An Otherwise Great Day 3 of 5
    An Otherwise Great Day
    A ticket can surely spoil a great shopping day out, right?
  • Retail Therapy 4 of 5
    Retail Therapy
    I'm sure Jessica's purchases probably put a smile on her face anyhow.
  • Tell Us… 5 of 5
    Tell Us...
    When was the last time you got a parking ticket?

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