Jessica Hahn Calls Barbara Walters Out On The View, And Barbara Doesn't Like It!


Did you catch The View today? It was a good one! One of the guests was infamous Jessica Hahn…and she calls Barbara Walters out when Barbara tries to cast judgement on her! Check out the video here.

If you don’t remember what made Jessica Hahn infamous, Hahn was the beautiful young woman who had an affair with televangelist Jim Bakker. He later went to prison for paying hush money to Hahn.

During Hahn’s interview on The View, Barbara Walters questioned her about her affair with Bakker. She went on to chastise Hahn for having an affair with a married man.

Hahn’s response was priceless! She responded that Walters also admitted to having an affair with a married senator in her book Audition. Walters was obviously not happy about the mention, and got very indignant. Walters tried to take the focus off of her by saying they were not there to discuss her life; they were there to discuss Hahn’s life.

Does anybody else find it ironic that the women of The View seem to have no issues with asking their guests tough questions about moral and/or objectionable behavior but when their guests try to turn the table, they usually refuse to answer?

Did you see The View this morning? What did you think about what happened?


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