Jessica Hahn vs. Barbara Walters: The Video - Who Was Right?


Jessica Hahn took on Barbara Walters on The View this morning! If you missed the action, you can watch the video below.

Barbara Walters basically tells Jessica Hahn that she did wrong by having an affair with a married man (televangalist Jim Bakker).

Jessica Hahn’s response was better than anything I could’ve come up with: she called Barbara Walters out. In Barbara Walter’s book Audition, Barbara talks about an affair that she had when she was younger with a married senator.  Jessica brings it up, and you can tell it’s something Barbara definitely does not want to talk about!

Do what do you think? Did Jessica Hahn do the right thing by calling Barbara Walters out for chastising her for something that Barbara herself had also did? Should Barbara Walters have been willing to discuss her own affair with a married man? How do you feel about what happened on The View?

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