Jessica Lynch: Five Things About Jessica Lynch, Including She's A Mom

Jessica Lynch
Five Things About Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch recently sat down with Joy Behar for an interview to talk about her experience after being captured and rescued in Iraq, and the aftermath of what happened when she returned home to the United States. Jessica Lynch still gets blamed to this day for the hype that surrounded her incredible story.

Other than being “the girl who was rescued in Iraq”, who is Jessica Lynch? Here are five things you may not know about her:

1. Jessica Lynch was born and raised in West Virginia. She wound up going into the military because her parents could not afford to pay for college. She entered basic training in South Carolina in 2001.

2. Before she went to Iraq, Jessica had a military occupational specialty as a unit-supply specialist at Fort Lee, Virginia.

3. After returning to the United States, Jessica was in the hospital for three months before she was well enough to go home. She was given an honorable discharge from the military.

4. Jessica was given a full scholarship to West Virginia University at Parkersburg and went back to life as a normal girl.

5. In 2007, Jessica Lynch became a mom to daughter, Dakota Ann. She named her after Lori Ann Pistewa, the first woman from the US to be killed in the Iraq war, and Dakota was for the first Native American woman killed on US soil.

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