Jessica McClure: Where Is She Now? She's A Mom Herself! (VIDEO)

jessica mcclure
Jessica McClure, aka Baby Jessica, after her rescue

You probably remember watching footage of Jessica McClure, aka Baby Jessica, being pulled out of the well where she was trapped for 58 hours. Can you believe it’s been exactly 23 years since her ordeal began Oct. 14, 1987? I was in the sixth grade at the time, and I remember talking about Baby Jessica in science and social studies classes.

Today, Jessica has a new last name and a son of her own, and while she doesn’t talk much to the media, I stumbled on this 2007 interview with “Today” show that shows how she’s been impacted by the incident that happened when she was just 18 months old.

At age 19, McClure married Daniel Morales, and they have a young son, Simon. In March of next year, she will receive a huge trust fund that was set up for her to receive on her 25th birthday.

Here’s the interview:


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