Jessica Simpson Already Had Family Baby Shower? Is She Having a Boy?

jessica simpson
Will Jessica Simpson ever announce that she's pregnant?

I know that technically it’s none of my business, but I can’t help but wonder if Jessica Simpson ever plans on announcing that she’s pregnant. Each time a new photo of her is released, she seems to look more and more like a gal who is sporting a growing baby bump.

If Jessica Simpson is pregnant, then why doesn’t she shout it from the rooftops? Why all the secrecy?

Though she has remained mum on the subject thus far, odds are good that a pregnancy announcement from Jessica will come fairly soon. She was even spotted at the Ivy Restaurant in Santa Monica with her mother and sister, Ashlee Simpson, celebrating what appeared to be a small family baby shower.

You can see a photo here of Jessica holding a present that is wrapped in powder blue paper, along with gift bags that appear to be baby-themed.

If her changing body shape wasn’t giving her assumed pregnancy away, then these baby gifts are a good clue. And if Jessica is pregnant, is she expecting a boy?

It sure looks that way from the photos. If she is expecting and already knows the sex of the baby, then she is likely well into her second trimester.

We’ll be on pins and needles waiting for a confirmation!