Jessica Simpson: Baby Hopes for Football Player Eric Johnson?


Jessica Simpson sure does love her football players. After her much publicized relationship–and break-up–with Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo, it seems the singer and reality star of The Price of Beauty has found herself a new man–football player Eric Johnson. A Simpson source confirmed to People magazine that it is, indeed, true; she is dating the former San Francisco 49ers tight end. So, could this potentially finally mean a baby for Jessica? With younger sister Ashlee already being married and a mom, the public pressure has been on for Jess. And she hasn’t been shy about her own desire to procreate. Continue reading after the jump.

Media outlets all over reported on Simpson’s desire to have ex Tony Romo’s baby, and she opened up to the lady hosts of The View about her plans. She told them in March, “I want to have kids. If I don’t have kids by the time I’m 40, my best friend Ken Paves and I are going to have children!” And he supported the idea from the audience.

But perhaps she won’t have to resort to her gay hairstylist/BFF to be the father of her children. Now that Simpson has embarked on another relationship with football player Eric Johnson, she may have a chance at that fairytale family, after all. A source told website that the couple is “very happy”–a good start!

We’d think, with Jessica’s very public discussions about wanting to become a mother, she wouldn’t be dating the former San Francisco 49ers player if she didn’t see at least some daddy potential. Could this guy be the one? Do you see Jessica having ball-player babies with Eric Johnson?


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