Jessica Simpson Drinking And Breastfeeding: Is It A Big Deal?

Jessica Simpson

For all of those wonderful breastfeeding moms: how many of you out there have slipped in one glass of wine or an apple martini during your second, third or even fourth month into breastfeeding (now be honest)? Well because apparently new mom Jessica Simpson, who just gave birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew two months ago has been having herself a margarita here and there and that has her critics up in arms and spitting out their breast milk at the same time.

The revelation was made by Us Weekly, who point out that Jessica just recently gave up the calorie-heavy drinks because she is allegedly having a hard time losing her post-baby weight. The mag says:

The scale has spoken and it doesn’t have any good news for Jessica Simpson. A source tells Hot Stuff that Jessica learned at her first Weight Watchers weigh-in a few weeks after the May 1 birth of daughter Maxwell she had gained 70 pounds. Luckily, Jessica has $4 million worth of motivation to shed them.

Her contract requires a 20 to 30 pound loss by the end of August or no payday, says a source. But it won’t be easy.

“Jessica has always had issues with junk food,” says a Simpson pal. So Jessica has called in reinforcements: She enlisted her mom, Tina, and a few pals to do the program “to help keep herself in check,” says the insider. Simpson, who plans to breastfeed through July, also ditched her beloved high-calorie margaritas, adds the source. “She had a few drinks postpregnancy, but then stopped.”

What do you think? Is it really a big deal that Jess had a few drinks? Or was she harming her baby by drinking and breastfeeding?

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