Jessica Simpson Isn't Pregnant - Just In Case You Were Wondering



In an interview with the man of the moment, Tony Romo, we found out that Jessica is definitely not pregnant.

He told “Entertainment Tonight” that his girlie isn’t pregnant or at least he doesn’t think so.

He did joke a little about the constant rumors with his little jab, “I’m sure you guys’ll tell me something soon enough.”

Does that mean he’s tired of always being in the tabloids? I bet he doesn’t hear the end of it in the locker room.

He did have nice things to say about her though. He talked of a perfect date night with her: “Probably get a little bite to eat and probably watch a football game, that’s our perfect evening. It’s exciting for both of us because I found someone I get to hang with, and she embraces the game and wants to see our team do well.”

“It’s great to have someone like that.”

Does Jessica feel the same way? Probably! She finally has someone to protect her from her creepy daddy and anything is better than dealing with him.


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