Jessica Simpson Pigs Out: Was it a Cheat Day or Pregnancy Cravings?

Jessica Simpson, Pregnant or Not?

There is still no official word from Jessica Simpson or her camp on whether the rumors of her being pregnant with a second child are true or not, but the new mom, pop star and entrepreneur is certainly keeping us guessing!

Us Weekly reported that Jessica Simpson was spotted at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills celebrating her BFF CaCee Cobb’s birthday. And apparently Jessica Simpson ate a very hearty meal. According to a fellow diner, “Jessica ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with onion rings.” And while the others at the lunch toasted CaCee with alcoholic drinks; Jessica did not. “Guess what?” she reportedly told her server. “I’m drinking ginger ale!”

So was this a Weight Watchers sanctioned “cheat day” or is she indulging in her pregnancy cravings?

Hopefully she’ll put an end to our guessing soon and come out with a “yes, I’m knocked up,” or a “No, I’m still trying to loss the baby weight,” message soon!

What do you think? Pregnant or not pregnant?