Jessica Simpson Pregnant Rumors Continue: Jessica Touches Baby Bump in New Photos?

jessica simpson pregnant baby bump photo
Jessica Simpson baby bump photos - is she or isn't she pregnant?

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant? The rumors continue as new photos of Jessica Simpson touching what could be a baby bump further fuel the gossip.

Simpson was seen with her hand on her belly, walking through LAX Airport on Friday.

So… um? What do you think?

Jessica Simpson’s baggy clothes could be hiding something… and those looking for a sign that she’s pregnant can easily point to the hand on the belly bump as proof.

Until we hear Simpson confirm the news herself, guess we’ll have to continue to speculate.

Note to Jessica though: if you’re trying to keep pregnancy rumors at bay, don’t touch your belly!

Side note, Jessica Simpson is launching a skin care line, tweeting: “Hey Beauty Addicts! So excited for the launch of my new skin care collaboration @beautymint. Sign up for early access”

Image: Jessica Simpson Twitter